Fashion Photography Techniques


By Dylan Howell

Fashion photography is all about presenting an essence of authority so you should be pretty confident while giving directions and assurance to your models. Showing signs of anxiety, stress or lack of confidence will be reflected in your model’s performance so make sure that you do not make your subject feel ill at ease and make her feel  confident enough.  Arrange for a list of rehearse techniques and composition before the shoot. Organize a suitable location, props and cloths to make your shoot truly impressive.

fashion photography techniques

Remember that it is just cloths and beauty that fashion photography has to do with so bring out all the elements of the scene including the model to reflect this. You can use makeup and hair styling to compliment the garment if the shoot focuses on the cloths. Posing is a tricky thing to master. In such case you can go through the latest fashion magazines and get an idea about what is currently fashionable. Incorporating ‘broken down’ poses can add an edge to the piece can help to elongate the body length as well.

You can choose a studio to perform a fashion shoot as the lightning can be easily controlled there and conditions can also be stabilized. To make the shoot more accurate, prevent any unwanted shadow and use a different light meter rather than the one in your camera.

If you cannot afford a posh studio and all the costly equipments you can make a clear a space in your room and arrange a white sheet across the window.

While shooting in low light you might require an extra source of light. If you have nothing other than flash then avoid shooting straight and set it to bounce of a nearby reflector, wall or ceiling. You can do a little experiment with an impressive display of effects and find out what works best for you.

Above all it is very much important to get the right location and spot. If the clothing and beauty styling are a bit edgy and old then you can choose an urban setting for that, alternatively for natural fashions like spring or summer arrange a rural environment like a meadow or a beach or perhaps even a woodland

Try taking different angles and positions to check which works best to full expose the garment. This might include climbing a ladder, bending on your knees, lying on your belly and so. Think about what the message is here and create a composition to reinforce it.

Use props to tell a narrative within a fashion shot and in such case nothing can be more useful than a mirror. It can be used to tell an imaginative story and allows the photographer to display the front and back of the model. Take a spate reading for the mirror and you may need. Be careful to place yourself in the correct position, do not lighten your equipment and make sure you do nothing with the shoot out of the reflection.